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Connect, Heal, Love & Grow

This is the time for Y O U to shine

Are you ready to begin this beautiful journey and return home ~ to YOU ~

whole, pure, and completely loved? 

It's your time! No excuses, put yourself first and don't delay your own happiness.

Next dates:
19th March & 02nd April

About the Retreats

A unique one day getaway for connecting with yourself

A journey back to yourself through insightful and heart opening guided meditations, calming and healing nature walk, gentle grounding and rejuvenating yoga and a golden opportunity to reconnect to yourself and other like-minded people.  A truly heart, mind and body nourishing day to explore different ways to explore and cultivate Self-Love, Self-Compassion and Self-Acceptance.


Join us for an day of unforgettable experience where we hold each other in a safe and compassionate circle full of relaxation, sharing, learning and healing

What is included

Everything you need for a  unique experience

  • Tea, coffee, and fresh fruits on arrival

  • Afternoon tea, coffee, and delicious cake & biscuits

  • Complimentary car parking for the day

  • Relaxing guided meditations to cultivate Self-Love

  • Self-love coaching with journaling and self-reflection

  • Gentle, relaxing & grounding Self-Love Yoga to connect with your body and soul

  • 28 acres of stunning woodland, gardens, ponds, and walks to explore and enjoy

  • Meet like-minded people and a chance to make long-lasting friendships

  • A lot of love, compassion, kindness and respect from yourself and other attendees

  • Mindful walk in the magical, travel inspired, gardens to connect to nature and yourself

  • A safe place where you can be your true, authentic Self

  • A chance to connect with like-minded people, share experiences, ask any questions and support each other

  • Join our Private Facebook Group and stay connected with your new friends in the future in order to support each other, share experiences and learnings in long term

  • Discounted rate for any future retreats

  • Discounted rate for Jolanthe’s lovingly made Self-Love Affirmation Cards

  • Self-Love Coaching where you learn how to be more loving, kind &

  • compassionate with yourself and therefore with others

how can you benefit from this journey?

  • It may help in reducing stress and anxiety, less negativity towards yourself, others and in your life in general.

  • It may increase your self-confidenceself-worth and better mental health as you will learn to take better care of yourself.

  • You may feel happier as you realise that you're worthy, good, valuable, and deserving of happiness

  • Your relationships with family, friends, colleagues (essentially, everyone!) can IMPROVE. The more we love ourselves, the more we treat ourselves with kindness and respect,  the more others will treat us exactly the same way.

Imagine how it would feel like to have the confidence to say no, to speak your truth, to hold your head up high with pride when you know you have been able to have your needs met through self-care and self-compassion

Upcoming Retreats

Upcoming retreats 2022


Self Love Retreat

March 2022

19. March, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The Matara Centre, Kingscote Park Near, Tetbury GL8 8YA, UK


Self Love Retreat

April 2022

02. April 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The Matara Centre, Kingscote Park Near, Tetbury GL8 8YA, UK

Your Hosts

This retreat will be hosted by myself Jolanthe Kollek

and Juita Akhtar.

I am a Self-Love- Mindful Empowerment Coach,

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, a Podcaster and passionate about a healthy lifestyle.

Juita is an accredited Meditation & Mindfulness Now teacher and a Natural Mindfulness Walks guide.

Jolanthe Kollek, Self-Love Coach, Meditation, Mindfulness, Events,Retreats,Self-Care,Self-Compassion

time to ask yourself...

  • Do you feel drained and exhausted from constantly looking after other people’s needs and putting yourself last?

  • Are you someone who burns your candle at both ends?

  • Do you give selflessly yet feel unappreciated, unfulfilled, overwhelmed and secretly resentful?

  • Do you feel guilty when you do something for yourself or ask for help?

  • Do you say yes when you meant no? Do you find it hard to set healthy boundaries?

  • Do you feel you do not deserve or earn the right to be happy or loved?

  • Do you constantly worry or are deeply affected by what others think of you?

  • Do you feel as if you have always wanted to look after yourself better but felt that this is selfish or narcissistic? 


If you answer yes to any or all of these then you have come to this page for a reason.

The reason is you are ready to invest in yourself. You are ready to give some of

that love back to yourself. You had a suspicion that you deserve some

loving kindness yourself but didn’t know how.

You have been giving so much to others, now it's your time!

This is the time for Y O U to shine.

Imagine, what would it feel like to stand in your pure, natural, and wise power,

knowing your worth beyond all doubt? To hold yourself strong within, deeply trusting

what you have to offer to the world?

What would it feel like to love yourself, truly and deeply, for who you are? In a way that is

solid and untouchable, no matter the opinion of others, no matter what life throws at you,

no matter where you are in your life!

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