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Hi, I'm Jolanthe Kollek, Self love coach.


It's so wonderful

you're here!

I'd love to support you on your journey to more self-love and self-compassion.

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Mindful Empowerment Coaching I Self-Love Coaching I Mindfulness &
Meditation I Personal Development based in Sutton Coldfield, England

My name is Jolanthe, I am a mother, wife and Self-Love  Coach.


My passion is to support you on your way to more consciousness, self-love  & self-confidence. I will help you to overcome fears, identify your limiting beliefs, resolve internal conflicts and transform visions into reality so that you can create a fulfilled life.


I want to help you develop a loving, healthy & appreciative relationship with yourself and others. Self-love is the basis to develop unconditional love for our children and others around us. 

My vision is to see our children growing up as loving, confident and caring adults because I believe this is the way to create a world with loving people and less hatred. In order to achieve this, the first step is to start with ourselves, healing our own pain, dealing with our limiting believes and starting to love ourselves. Only then we'll be able to be the loving and compassionate parent our children need.

From my own experience I can testify how much my life as woman and mother has changed since I started my personal development: working on my limiting believes, getting to know who I am, living a more conscious life and finally loving & accepting myself just the way I am. 

I want to give you the knowledge and tools to help you live a fulfilled life and to recognize and exploit your full potential.

At certain points in our lives, we all need support from a person who believes in us and reminds us of how amazing and powerful we are.

Let me be your support on your journey to a fulfilled life!


I’m so glad you’re here!

Your Morning Routine
& Webinar

Why is a morning routine important?

A good morning routine is essential to a successful day and life. Giving yourself the time & priority first thing in the

morning is the basis for good energy and success of your entire day. The more conscious you start your morning,

the more positive energy, joy, clarity, focus, productivity and gratitude you carry through your day. 

Join our


It's amazing for beginners to establish a great morning routine and for anyone who wants to start the day

with positive energy. Together we practice meditation, gratitude and listen to positive affirmations.  

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Morning Routine Guide

I have prepared a 'My Morning Routine' Guide for you,
that guide will help you establish your own, individual routine.
Simply click on the link and download it for free.


Free Live Webinars

Precious SUNDAY

My precious Sunday is a weekly webinar for your personal growth and development.

Register for free and join us on Sundays at 9 am.


Take a moment just for yourself. Give yourself a break, recharge your batteries,

regain & boost your energy, find inner peace and prepare for the new week.

Connecting with yourself and bringing your focus on your vision will have a

huge impact on your well being.

As a full-time working mum I know how important it is to take some time for yourself in

order to feel good and be the best mother, wife, friend, business-woman you can be.


My precious Sunday webinar will help you develop a healthy & powerful routine in order to start the new week with positive energy and joy. My vision is you to realize how unique & valuable you are and to inspire you to follow your path and live a more fulfilling life.


In our community you'll be able to connect and get inspired by

amazing people who want to create and live a happy and fulfilling life

I'll be overwhelmed to meet you at My precious Sunday

so that we can start creating the best version of ourselves together. 

To be notified when 'My Prescious Sundays' start again,

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Wake up

Sunrise Club



is for you if you want to to establish a healthy & powerful

morning routine in order to start each day with positive energy.

A good morning routine is essential to a successful and positive day. 

Giving yourself the time & priority first thing in the morning is the basis for

good energy and success of your entire day. The more conscious you start

your morning, the more positive energy, joy, clarity, focus, productivity 

and gratitude you carry throughout your day. 


Together we will practise meditatation, gratitude and listen to positive affirmations. 


New to mediation? That's your chance to start develop a new good routine. 


I have not always been the same person as I am today and my life was not always easy, but who’s life is? We all experience difficulties at some stages of our lives. During one of my life’s difficulties, while I suffered from depression and panic attacks I have dealt a lot with my issues, my life, my thoughts & my feelings and that’s when I found my way to mindfulness, meditation, spirituality and personal development. All of these have helped me to understand the reasons for my problems and for my suffering. It was the beginning of a wonderful journey that brought me closer to myself, made me realize who I am, what I want and what life is about. 

This development was not always simple and painfree but it was very worthy and even necessary.

I know now, that through our most difficult times & challenging experiences we can learn and grow the most. I am very grateful for my life and all my challenging experiences, because through my experiences I was able to learn an incredible amount.

I took responsibility for my life & my wellbeing and I healed my depression and panic attacks. Even my chronic migraines and crohn’s disease side effects I have been able to improve enormously through personal development, meditation, yoga and a healthy diet. And not to forget the improvement of my relationships, especially with my family. I am a much more conscious, patient, accepting and loving person. I experienced that since I changed, everything and eveyone around me has also changed.

With my Podcast 'Live the Life you love' I would like to inspire you to go on a journey of self-discovery, to look inward and see how much love, light, strength and power is inside you – find out who YOU are & what YOU want and what you can create when you stop limiting yourself. Self-Discovery could be the most important lesson you'll ever learn. I want to encourage you to live a more conscious, positive life and I will give you the tools to overcome life's challenges and live out your full potential!

​I am the best example that it’s possible to heal yourself and transform your life. My own transformation has made me passionate about supporting people in creating a happy and fulfilled life and I love to share these life-changing practices with you. Things are not going to change overnight, this is a process

but the sooner you start, the sooner you experience positive changes in your live.​

Join me on the journey of your life and  let’s stay connected!

You'll find many offers and sessions for free.

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About Me


More clarity & self-love in 7 days.



The family/children meditation is a great idea. You and your lovely daughter are an inspiring role model for me and my son. 

You accompany us so warmly and authentically into the world of meditation. The child friendy meditations are relaxing and fun. My son feels very positive afterwards and tells me about his emotions, which makes me very happy.

We are looking forward to the family meditation every Sunday morning. A big thank you from both of us. 


​The morning routine gives me – especially in these times of uncertainty – roots and at the same time stability. It is a super positive way to start into the day and practice self-love and self-care. The uplifting spirit and the meditations lead to a positive vibe and the chance to connect to one-self. As the daily topics that Jolanthe talks about vary they touch fields of almost every facet in life so that one can relate and take personal learnings from it. It is such a wonderful and authentic group and a place to feel safe and grow.  A warm thank you!


I did different kind of meditation in the past, as well as practising gratitude but with you it is different as you tackle different subjects while meditating. It is for me an introspection, a healing process that teaching us how to like ourselves rather than a simple meditation practice that generally helps to be calmer or more energetic.
 I also enjoy being live with you and other people, it gives me the idea that I am part of something, rather than listening to a mediation on YouTube. We can share some of our feelings and experiences which show us that we are

not alone.


I am new to meditation and mindfulness but so glad I took this first step to take control of my life. Being my own worst critic and a busy working mum who is not really taking time for herself, I felt these have started taking toll on me.
Jolanthe’s morning sessions are a brilliant way to start your day and put you on the positive track for the rest of the day. Jolanthe is such a kind and caring person, and this really comes across during her sessions, therefore I cannot recommend it enough.


Listen to my Podcast for your
personal development
and a positive mindset.

Get inspired by helpful tips, meditations & exciting interviews.


Live the Life
You Love 


I'm guiding different types of meditations,
e.g.: inner child, self love, forgiveness, fear,
perfectionism, relaxation and many more...

Meditation will help you to:

- consciously perceive what you think and feel

- not to identify yourself with your thoughs and

feelings but realise that you are the observer 

- switch from autopilot to being present

- consciously decide and choose which

thoughts you want to feel

New to meditation?
You can find a beginner guide here:



“If every eight-year-old in the world is taught 

meditation, we will eliminate violence from the

world within one generation.” Dalai Lama

My vision is to create a planet full of loving people,

starting with you and your children.

I know this is possible if every single person on this

planet begins loving himself/herself and starts

healing their wounds from the past.

Together we help children develop self love & 

confidence, to strengthen them in their basic trust

and to discover their creative power.

This is all achievable through mindfulness, meditation

and gratitude practice. When you as a parent can

start with yourself, you'll realise shortly after what a

powerful affect it will have on your whole family.

Only happy and fulfilled parents have help their

children to become happy and fullfilled adults -

it all starts with us, we have the power to change

everything as soon as we start changing ourselves.

I'm inviting you and your child to join us to our weekly Live Family Meditation / Mindfulness  

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Every day is a little life
I decide now to live this life
to the fullest.

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